Madonna hurls claims at Harvey Weinstein about him “crossing limits’ with her

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Madonna shared her 1991 experience with the producer, Harvey Weinstein and it doesn’t appear to be much pleasant. The pop-star has made claims that he had crossed his lines and boundaries during the interaction. This all started with #meToo campaign which finds its basis in feminism, the ladies stood up for themselves and gradually they started to own their workplace.

If we talk about the participation of women in the workforce and at the work place, we’ll realise they want to do it for their children. They want to do it for the future of their kids. They want to do it for their parents. And most important, they want to do it for themselves. It is a very big responsibility for them to do it for themselves. So, feminism basically wants to give them a lot of freedom to do it for their own families and for all the aforementioned subjects including themselves. So, the problem is, they are not very well liked in the workforce. I mean, you know, it is not that they are not liked, but they are not very well liked. By being well-liked it means that they are often not given equal rights as compared to their male counterparts, something which Madonna faced.

What Madonna has to take with Feminism?

Madonna has been included in the feminism talks because she made claims about Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has been in hot water since the day one when his scandal broke. on 5th of October, 2017, things started to get out of his hands. He was blamed by his female colleagues that he asked them to massage him and return some favours. Then, with the passage of time several actresses started to raise their voice and they shared their dark experiences with Harvey. A complete timeline of the events can be found at BBC.

Madonna toldĀ The New York Times Magazine that during her shooting, of a 1991 tour documentary, Truth and Dare as it was distributed by Harvey Weinstein Miramax, he crossed many lines. He was being flirtatious in a bad-bad way and forward with the singer when both of them were working for the documentary. She said that Harvey was married at that time and she was obviously not interested in him.

Madonna said that Harvey was so popular and his movies worked so well that every actress had to bear the grunt. She said that she knew Harvey did all this because he knew his position and almost everyone wanted to work with the guy.

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