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Lying In a long hot bath burns calories as many as 30 minute walk

Written by Wamiq Ali

The popular newspaper Daily Mail has made a shocking Revelation and according to it the researchers have claimed that lying in a hot bath and relaxing is actually as beneficial as taking a 30 minute long walk. We all know that the walk is something which is at least suggested to everybody by doctor in order to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Quick jogging and above it cycling has often found to burn more calories in a more efficient manner but according to a new research relaxing in a hot bath also shed 130 calories which is about as same as taking a 30 minute walk because of the increased body temperature.

This information is creating a lot of still on the social media as people are finding it amusing that something as easy as lying down in a hot water bath tub can actually be tantamount to going through a 30 minute walk. The scientist involved in this breakthrough research tracked the blood sugar level of all the participants for a period of 24 hours and this website ‘travel and leisure’ has covered every minute detail with a meticulous approach. They found that the peak blood sugar was around 10% lower when the bath was taken as compared to the bike ride, moreover the resources suggested that the passive heating can reduce information.

Little side knowledge for our readers that the passive heating is often used as a medical treatment in Finland and the JAMA internal medicine journal suggested that sitting in a sauna can help reduce the cardiovascular diseases.

The research was conducted by group at Loughborough University and they did this strenuous job of tracking this theory as titled in this article with 14 men who were actually put through two tests. The first test was to give them an hour of bicycle ride and the second test was to make them go through a hot bath in 104 degree fahrenheit water.

The main goal was to raise the body’s core temperature by 1 Degree, the results were obvious as this cycling burned more calories but the researches were encountered with something more surprising, the hot bath had indeed burned the calories equal in amount to taking a half an hour walk.

Source: Travel and Leisure

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