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Luxury hotel disallows American into his room as he was wearing Sunglasses

Written by Logical Men

A luxury hotel can block a billionaire from entering. Yes, this is true and it has happened. A lot of readers are not going to accept this as a fact. One can give an opinion that hotels require rich people to keep their business running. However, this can be negated.

A luxury hotel in Florida, (not the one in the picture) decided not to allow Black Entertainment Television co-founder Bob Johnson to enter. This happened last week and the ban had happened as he was wearing black glasses. This seems to be some sort of absurd policy of hotel in action.

It was reported that Johnson was checking into his room at the Eau Palm Beach Hotel. He had reached the hotel on 24th of August after a fishing trip. The receptionist asked him a plain thing, “Remove your sunglasses.” The guy whom she asked the question was the first black billionaire after he had sold BET in 2001. At first, he thought that the woman at the reception was requiring him to remove sunglasses as a joke. However, after the obdurate desire of the woman to remove his sunglasses, the billionaire refused to follow the instructions. He told the receptionist that he couldn’t remove glasses as those were in prescription.

She said well, I can’t check you in if you don’t take off your glasses, said the receptionist.

Johnson called the police but no settlement was reached. The discussion ended up in vain. Johnson simply left the hotel and was later approached by the media. Johnson said that in his 165 hotels it was never a policy however in someone’s else hotel he was asked for such an absurd thing to remove his sunglasses. The owner of Eau Palm Beach said that this was a part of their regular checking procedure for sake of the customer’s safety.

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