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Lucky truck driver, wins $298 million powerball jackpot

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A lucky truck driver has won a powerball jackpot worth $298 million. This makes him claimant of the second largest powerball jackpot in the history of the New York’s lottery competition. This competition wasn’t a small thing as it was worth $298 million. David Johnson was approached by the media on this happy occasion and he announced that he was going to quite working. Obviously, this decision was coming because the amount which he has in hands could be used to invest in larger ventures. The sole purpose of job for most people is to earn some money and use it for their own welfare.

The lottery he played in December, 26 2018 proved to be lucky

Johnson had played this lottery last year in the month of the December. The numbers which he purchased for the lottery were 5-25-38-52-67 and Powerball 24. Johnson declared that he would be taking the winnings in the cash form, thus after paying the tax he would be getting $114 million. These figures were provided by New York Lottery. Johnson was interviewed by the media and he said that he was unable to eat, there was some sheer joy which was prohibiting him from doing the usual chores. The lottery winning had made him quite happy and it was evident from his face during the interview. Johnson currently lives in Brooklyn and he had come to US from Jamaica. This lottery winning puts New York at an important place.

Before winning the lottery, Johnson used to work on a gas stations. This is the same place of work where he bought his lottery ticket. He said that he didn’t check his ticket right away as he knew that he wasn’t going to win. It was a matter of few days before he took his ticket to the gas station and realized that he had won a prize. The New York lottery ticket is quite popular and it provides about 13% of total state education aid to local state districts.

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