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‘The-Luckiest-Man’ escapes Bull’s Horn for the first deadly impact but what happens next gives goosebumps

Bull’s running festival happens each year in Spain. Adrenaline junkies try their best to take part in the festival. A lot of videos are circulating online which show the savageness of the festival and deadly attacks of the bulls. It’s a sort of addiction because at the time the bulls are unleashed the survival instinct kicks in and the runner only thinks of escaping the obvious death forgetting any other thing in the life.

The fiestas of San Fermin are celebrated in Pamplona, Spain each year. The locals believe that this festival started in the 14th century. Merchants tried different ways of exciting the bulls in order to get them to the market quickly. Years after years, the practice turned into a competition.

Watch this man, who escaped an obvious death encounter by leaning against the wall and then getting back in the street. Other bulls were waiting for the man in the street.


Escape’s First Time, the bull’s attack

Look at the picture and then the video, which is at the end of the article, the bull’s attack was solid and the man was lucky to escape it, then he gets to the centre of the street.

Another bull welcomes the man!

In the middle of the street, another bull welcomes the man, this time whether he escaped death or not, you’ve to watch the video below! You can thank me later for the adrenaline push.

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