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Lord of the Rings TV show is going to film this August with budget of £1 billion

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There are many fans of the Lord of the Rings who are thinking that the series of films should be remade. However, this is probably not going to happen. The LoTR earned its popularity from the day one. The film series has a number of fans who would like the movie to be remade. The Daily Record recently reported that according to their source the movie series would be reliving the days of its excellence and fortune however in the shape of drama series. The drama series is another popular source which is highly liked in the audience circles.

The series is planned to be filmed at a huge studio in Leith, Edinburgh and it is yet planned to be opened. The Arts Body Creative Scotland is overlooking the operations of this renovation operation.They believe that this renovation would end till the month of August. This means that the series would start filming in the summer. Arts body Creative Scotland is also looking to find an operator to run the facility.

The source of Daily Record reported that Lord of the Rings producers are hoping to start filming at the new studio from August to November. The source also claimed that a lot of arrangement were in place regarding the filming of the drama series. The source further added that this was a huge contract and a welcoming move for the Scotland.

A little research about the building which is planned to be used for the filming of  LotR series reveal that it was originally made for the purpose of an engineering firm, however it was closed four years later. Later, another company took over the building but that company collapsed in 2014. Further, the filming of the Avengers: Infinity Wars was carried out in this building. Right now, after its renovation it would be used for LotR drama series.

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