A look at Eclipses through out the history & accompanying calamities, shows the cause and effect

Solar eclipses have always been thought as some wrong omen or sign for some calamity. History is filled with prophecies and harmful effects of solar eclipses. Throughout the history, the human affairs are thought to be shaped by the eclipses and the movement of the stars.

The English saw an unhappy cause and effect associated with the solar eclipse. The noted some strange happenings which weren’t good for English reign after the solar eclipse. Solar eclipsed happened on August 2, 1133 and the death of King Henry I. Although he died 2 years after the eclipse still people normally took it as an effect of e the eclipse.

In the odyssey, Homer wrote about the eclipse of 1177 B.C. He wrote something like this shown below:

With passing time human obviously became less suspicious of the eclipse. The advancement of science is something which must be thanked to in this regard. With new scientific research people obviously, know the reason behind eclipse. Eclipse has now begun to be thought as an opportunity for scientific research rather than something horrible.

On May 29, 1919, British Astronomer used total eclipse to prove a point of Einstein general theory. He proved that gravity will bend light by a certain amount. Today, we know this because of black holes, the last death stage of stars. When the two stars came against each other and solar eclipse happened, the amount of gravity which differed, measured practically was quite in accordance with the one measured using Einstein’s theory.

Watch this video created by Time to get more information on solar eclipse and the followed calamities.

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