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London Mayor mocks Trump for golfing during hurricane Dorian

Politics is not an easy task and opponents often opt for smearing campaigns against each other. This time, London Mayor mocks Trump for golfing during the hurricane season. Sadiq Khan was pretty vocal about Trump’s action as he mentioned that the president should have been more worried about the hurricane hitting the mainland US.

This episode of Sadiq Khan attempting to mock Trump is another try to up the ante. Sadiq Khan criticised Trump for cancelling his Trip to Poland which was arranged to commemorate start of the World War II. Trump instead of paying the visit had preferred to stay in country because of the hurricane; however, he opted to play golf over the weekend as well. The particular golf playing while cancelling a trip to Poland formed basis for Sadiq Khan to show some temper against Trump.

He’s clearly busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course.

Khan in an interview to Politico’s London Playbook said that Trump was particularly busy in dealing with the hurricane out of a golf course. Khan also took a jibe at the president for hardening the stance of the people who indulge into ethno-nationalistic politics.

These people have been inspired by mainstream politicians who subscribe to their point of view […] Trump is the guy who […] amplifies the tweets of fascists; says things that are deeply objectionable. 

Mayor Khan said that people follow their favourite leader in the common life. Therefore, Trump is a kind of guy who actually amplifies the wrong kind of sentiments in the people.

A tirade between Khan and Trump is not something new, as Trump had taken his office as president, Khan shared his criticism on the matter of Trump barring muslims from certain countries. Khan was pretty concerned about Trump’s views on religion.

Britain at moment faces Brexit and government is now spending largely to educate people about the post-Brexit scenario. Trump had praised Boris Johnson for his stance to eventually block the parliament to deliver Brexit on October 21. Brexit is going to opt for a hard divorce from European Union.

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