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London attack: Hero Single police officer took on all three terrorists alone armed only with baton

Written by Wamiq Ali

Recently it has been revealed that a British transport officer took on all the three terrorists alone while in an attempt to stop the van and the ferocious stabbing of innocents. He received horrendous wounds on his face, head and legs. The bravery which this police officer showed was just amazing, told the lead officer in an interview. 

Around 7 people were killed in London Attack and a dozen was injured, the number could have been high if it weren’t for these brave police officers.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther told media that after the transport officer was admitted to the hospital, owing to injuries he received in saving innocents during London Attack, he came to know about the bravery which transport officer showed in the hours of need. He said that it was quite clear, the courage he showed in the face of danger.

Paul Crowther – Credits: Daily Mail

The transport officer was badly injured in hospital but still, he was able to recall those moments when he faced the terrorists alone with his baton.

For an officer who only joined us less than two years ago, the bravery he showed was outstanding and makes me extremely proud – Chief Constable Paul Crowther told The Independent

All of the British Transport Police is wishing this brave transport officer some speedy recovery. The whole nation is praying for this guy who was brave enough to cope with attackers using a baton.

There were other police officers too, who ran towards the place of crisis, without even thinking of their own safety, without thinking whether they were armed or unarmed. I think Londoners must be proud of these emergency services which are full of patriotic officers and are in safe hands.

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