Loki is dead: Confirms Avengers director in a news update

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Loki’s fate has been pre-determined and this time he can’t escape it by reverting to some sort of plan or machination. The director of the Avengers has confirmed that Loki is no more in the movie. This is because he is dead. This one particular news update seals the fate of the Loki. There must be people who loved him because of his wise techniques and tricks.

Avengers 4 made the fans have some different kinds of theories. Almost everyone in a way predicted a different ending for the movie. However, despite Marvel Studios being tight lipped, Loki details are out. Many people are not ready to accept the loss of their favorite character. Many people thought that Loki was impersonating Banner in Infinity War.

Russo Brothers officially called this theory as wrong. This was relatively easier to be debunked. The following tweet is going to give more details which was made regarding Loki.

This quick statement acted like a final nail in the coffin of Loki’s theories which fans were anticipating in advance. It’s quite amazing for some fans that the film directors have cleared one point about Loki. Fans had been thinking this and they were making theories about the Loki since long when the last part was released. This was particularly because of the way Loki’s character was presented in the movie. He was always shown as someone who would dodge anything in his way. This made fans think about him coming back from death. However, a few fans are quite sad because of the removal of their favorite character from the story line. Hopefully Avengers 4 would be available next year for the cinema. This movie is highly anticipated.

Well, what do fans think is quite important. So, do share your opinions about Russo’s confirmation regarding Loki’s death. Do you believe that his update is correct? May be he is trying to steer people somewhere else … just to give an angle.

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