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Logan Paul’s latest vlog uses same reaction he gave in ‘Dead Body’s Video’

Written by Wamiq Ali

Logan Paul hasn’t much learned from his own mistakes, the fact that he has faced a lot of backlash on his recent ventures hasn’t changed him much and he appears to be repeating the same mistake in near future. In one of his recent vlogs to capture reactions of the audience regarding his suicide forest video, the Youtuber has used the same reaction which he gave during the dead body’s scene in his controversial vlog.

The internet never forgets, so a lot of people criticized him on Twitter for using the same reaction in his latest vlog. It’s worth knowing that Logan Paul is a famous Youtuber who recently had published a video in which he accidentally (according to him) featured a dead body in suicide forest. The suicide forest is famous for people who decide to leave this world and commit suicide. The Logan Paul along with his friends captured this dead body hanging from a tree and they showed not a single moment of remorse. In fact, Logan Paul along with his friends laughed over the dead man.

The now-deleted tweet shows his recent video thumbnail

It’s worth knowing that Logan Paul visited generic public in disguise to ask about their comments on his previous controversial video. He chose the thumbnail of this new recording to be the one shown above. Later, as the people grew angry on his choice of thumbnail, he changed the thumbnail and removed his reaction.

The tweet also seems to be deleted after he shared his video on the Twitter. Definitely, people didn’t welcome him featuring his old video reaction on his newer one, especially after issuing a public apology. The people reaching his new vlog later noticed the fact that Logan Paul had changed the thumbnail after facing backlash once again over his poor choice.

Love how he changed the thumbnail…” – said Kaelyn xox, around 9 hours ago from the time this post went online.

Well, Mr Paul, confidence is a good thing, but overconfidence? Nah, that is a big no-no.

Logans soooooooo bloody disrespectful and that tragic moment of when he did a bad thing will always be in my body” – wrote another person.

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