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Logan Paul vows to prove flat-earth by visiting Antarctica

Almost everyone might be knowing this controversial character Logan Paul, the guy who rose to the fame using YouTube. Ironically, YouTube was the one which actually made him delve into the depths of the shame. Almost everyone named and shamed the guy when he failed to show some respect to someone who had just committed suicide in the jungles. He was in his normal YouTuber role when he came across a body in the jungle and instead of showing any remorse the YouTuber kept on laughing. This showed his dark side of personality to the world and ultimately he was stripped of his Google Adsense partnership which made him earn money out of his videos. Since then the YouTuber is trying hard to get back into the news and mainstream media.

Logan Paul stirs the flat-earth debate in one of his recent videos

It’s quite strange that we are covering this stupid topic, because theoretically there is no flat-earth. However, there happens to be a group of people who believe that there exists a flat earth and the roundness of earth is not true. However, thousands of years back there were mathematicians who had proven in Greek times that the earth was round. Similarly, if the earth were flat then the sun’s movement and the occurrence of days and nights is just not justified. Still, there is a group of people which believes that all those satellite images and the research of NASA is not true.

Logan Paul has just decided to join that particular group of people. He has announced to travel across Antarctica in a bid to find that the earth is actually flat. He has uploaded a vlog, you can watch it below.

There are a number of proofs available which show that the earth is round. Still Logan Paul has decided to embark on a journey to find the edge of the earth.

Maybe he just wants to get back into the news?

Like the reckless YouTuber this guy is, may be he is just trying to get back into the news. May be he wants to earn back all the reputation which he had lost in the past. As Logan Paul had lost a significant number of subscribers after his strange video which failed to pay any respect to the dead, he must have been trying to get her viral fanbase back. This new expedition might be his new way to earn back that viral factor.

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