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Logan Paul slammed after encouraging dangerous ‘Tide Pod’ challenge

Logan Paul definitely hasn’t learned anything from his past. This time he comes forward in an attempt to endorse the dangerous Tide Pod challenge. Hundreds of kids have already done this stupid challenge and this is not a good way adapted by Logan Paul to return to his old days of fame. He started to face instant backlash and people started slamming the vlogger for obvious reasons of justifying Tide Pod challenge.

We’ve already covered the stupid outcome of eating Tide Pods but looks like the people aren’t ready to listen or to share it among their own group, such things are still happening and there are a lot of people including Logan Paul trying to earn out of this viral trend.

Logan Paul was forced to go into a hiding because of that previous suicide forest video, where he along with his friends mocked a hanging dead body who had probably committed suicide. He recently took a part into the internet’s burgeoning trend of Tide Pod Challenge.

A few days ago Logan Paul tweeted, ‘Swalling 1 tide pod per re-tweet,’ people didn’t welcome the tweet and they took it as his way of endorsing the dangerous challenge.

At the time when Metro covered his tweet, it had more than 44,000 retweets, that’s seriously not good. Later, a few days after, he followed up the same tweet with the following remarks.

People went angry over the dude, a few people tweeted that Logan Paul is a kind of influence on young people and if he endorses anything like this particularly after committing a mistake in past of international scope, then he is a damn stupid and stubborn guy. Many wrote that he never meant for his apology which he had released in response to his suicide forest video.

Are you kidding?

Kids have eaten Tide Pods which contain ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and long-chain polymers, all are dangerous for humans if consumed in heavy quantities. Social Media is already taking action against such content of people eating Tide Pods, since its a way to entice other people to do the act.

Do you actually think before you post? 90% of your fans are kids who might portray this as being cool.” – wrote a guy in response. Another one wrote, “I just don’t understand. You have such influence and you joke about a dangerous challenge that could kill people. It’s not funny. None of it is.

You have learned nothing and you should not be allowed to have the platform you have with this behavior. ” – wrote a guy.

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