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Live video shows teen DUI, killing her own 14 yo sister & saying “She doesn’t give a F***k” about dead

Written by Wamiq Ali

18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez was driving under the influence when she shared an Instagram story. She was playing songs and was moving her hands in the car while driving. The car eventually crashed and it caused the death of her 14-year-old sister.

Officials say that the girl was driving under the influence. She belonged to Stockton, California. She was driving her car around 6:40pm when she lost control of the car and started zigzagging on the road. She eventually bumped the car into the side fence. Her sister wasn’t wearing a seat belt and she got ejected from the car.

The video shows her sister dead soon after the car hit the fence and she got ejected. Another 14-year-old girl also received major injuries. These two teen girls were sitting in the backseat and weren’t wearing any seat belts.

In the video, Sanchez screams her sister name as she films her dead after the crash. She took Jacqueline’s name multiple times. She said, “I fucking love my sister to death. I don’t give a fuck. We about to die. This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us but it just did, Jacqueline, please wake up. This is the last thing I wanted to happen… I killed my sister, but I don’t care. I killed my sister. I know I’m going to prison, but I don’t care. I’m sorry, baby. I’ma hold it down…. rest in peace, sweetie.

Mary Hernandez actually recorded this whole video from the Instagram stories. Since Instagram stories get deleted after 24 hours automatically. The news got floated but no one was believing such absurd behaviour. Instagram had already deleted the video due to the graphic content.

Mary uploaded the video on Facebook and people at first weren’t able to believe that this actually happened. But soon after other friends of friends confirmed the video and everyone started to believe. Mary said that the video can serve as an alarm to a lot of people who use a phone and drive.

People didn’t believe the incident at first due to the senseless expressions of the driver about her sister. The video remained up for some time but Facebook deleted it due to graphic content. However, we’ll link another version of the video in the article uploaded by another news source.

Jacqueline Sanchez Estrada – The deceased sister

The police arrested the girl and Sanchez was screaming about her sister. The police said that the girl wasn’t much cooperative in the arrest. She has around 7400 followers on the Instagram. You can watch the recorded Instagram story of Obdulia Sanchez.

Obdulia Sanchez Mugshot

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