Live stream shows a drunk man driving his car on beach & allegedly trying to run over people

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Florida man was accused of trying to hit people on the beach with his car while driving under the influence of alcohol. Ryan Michael Stiles, 27-year-old of Pinellas Park drove north from the Clearwater Beach all the way to the Caladesi Island. He drove on the sand and looked like being inspired from GTA.

On his way, he reportedly hit chairs and umbrellas during his way from the beach to island. He drove on his black Jeep Cherokee on Thursday. Meanwhile, the police were chasing him with all the passion. During the reckless ride, the dude went online and said, “We are going down tonight, guys!

“We are all gonna die, we are all on the damn beach and we’re gonna die”, said the guy under the influence of alcohol. He was repeatedly drinking during the police chase. “Crash Parade, bro!” , said the guy while running over the umbrellas and chairs on the beach.

Man Drinking during the chase

The police statement, “No one was injured during the wild chase!“, was released soon after it all ended. The Police were constantly receiving calls of the people complaining about a wild man driving on the beach recklessly. Stiles made his way into an Island after this he had a choice of either getting arrested or to drive into the clear water.

The police had no idea of his intentions but surely it could have been far worse than this, luckily no one died or injured during the incident. You can watch the recorded live stream of his Facebook Live below:

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