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Little League coach goes insane after guy asked him to replace a broken windshield, which his kids broke

Communities nowadays are running towards individualism and a lot of people are not ready to heed to some logic. This video was recorded by a man whose windshield of the car got shattered by some kids playing baseball. Their alleged Dad (the coach) wasn’t ready to pay damages and instead started fighting with the poor car owner.

The whole incident took place at Fairfield Pacific Little League baseball fields, the guy who filmed this, the owner of the car, was skateboarding in the surroundings. He came back to his car, in order to get back home, but unfortunately, he saw something horrific. The windshield of the car was broken. He started inquiring people about how the windshield got damaged. Some passerby told him that a ball came over the fence and hit his car.

The car owner went to the baseball field, and he came to know some kids had misthrown a baseball over the fence. He went to a grown-up guy who seemed to be a coach and also the guardian of the kids and asked him to pay the damages. The alleged dad instantly got angry and blamed him for parking the car on the roadside in parking space. The dad got pissed and his kids also got angry and the car owner overheard them saying, “If he gets near me just beat him”. The kid, a female goes to the trunk of the car and grabs a bat.

The car owner blurred the video to not film the minors. However, the audio will give you a clear overview, about what was happening. 

First off its blurred because I don’t think I have the legal grounds to post videos of these kids even if they were actively committing a crime ..

In the video, one can listen to the dad threatening the guy that he is a member of a gun club and his kids threatening to hit him with a baseball bat.

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