List of Movies to Watch Before You Die (Hollywood & Bollywood Collection)

Movies are among the top sources of entertainment in the world. Movies are released throughout the year and the effort of the film makers and actors is rewarded in form of business and the awards as well. There are different categories of movies as per the interest of people. Some like horror, some comedy, some action, some love stories and the list goes on. Movies are rated based on different qualities and are listed on different sites. Here is a list of movies to watch before you die that I recommend watching to everyone along with the release year and the reason I say so:

This is based on the author choice, so if you views differ from these movies list then kindly tell us in comments.

1- Fast and Furious Series (2001 – Continued):-

This series is among the top rated and most popular car racing movies in any sense of rating. The series has seven movies starting from 2001 and the latest one is scheduled to be released in April 2015. The reason of this series being in this list of movies not just the cars and racing, but the value of family and friends it reflects throughout the series. These are the people who are with us everywhere and while watching this series, you should not neglect these values and learn them to affect your life positively.

 2- The Fault in Our Stars (2014):

It is a love story of two patients, each suffering a life threatening and almost incurable disease. This movie has a very valid point about the people around us all. There are people who show the care and love but don’t mean it literally and then there are people who don’t show that to a great extent but you can feel the feelings and emotions while being around them or else. A very important lesson from this movie is to live your life to its fullest and enjoy while you can, it can end anytime. This is the major reason of it being on this list of movies. A similar movie is My Sister’s Keeper (2009).

 3- Nightcrawler (2014):

Do you think you can learn something online? Do you have the audacity to take risks and make a living for yourself? Well this movie is certainly a role model for you then. This is a story of a man being jobless and rejected. After many attempts, he was unable to find himself a living and he started noting the trends being followed by the society and the opportunities attached with them. He then started as an individual cameraman and at the end of movie, he owned a video company and at the position where he could really solve a police case with just one footage. For an entrepreneur, this movie is the one to watch.

4- Batman Series (2005, 2008, 2012):

There are many batman series, animated ones too. The reason of this particular series making it to this list of movies and other superhero movies not being here is that all the rest superheroes are the result of some experiment or are from some other planet. Whereas Batman is a businessman turned into a hero to save the Gotham City using his wealth. The ingredients of this hero are the high tech instruments and loyalty to his city. The Dark Knight (2008) movie got the best rating among the series due to some extraordinary character of The Joker.

 5- PK (2014):

An amazing combination of concept, acting, story, emotions and everything one wants in a movie to enjoy and learn. The lessons in the movie and the way they are delivered is just exceptional. It is the most successful movie of Bollywood in terms of its business. It has broken all the records and has done so dealing with a lot of issues with religious parties. It is demotivated highly and even banned by some extremists in their societies but at the same time, the educated people have appreciated the movie very much.

 6- Taare Zameen Par (2007):

Another blockbuster from Bollywood. All the entries in this list of movies have their specific lessons that encouraged me to put them here. This movie is a story of a boy who doesn’t get the stuff right very fast. There are a lot of examples of slow learners in our daily life and due to their disabilities or shortcomings, they are teased and are not appreciated on what they can do very well. A young boy is separated from his family due to his slow learning and is sent to a foster home to pick up the pace and be able to learn like his elder brother who is really a shining star of the family. There he finds a teacher who sees his artistic talent make him realize his talent which he was not willing to show to everyone as he was teased around. The whole story about the love, care and appreciating each other is a remarkable one and worth watching.

7- Life of Pi (2012):

It is common to see the human affection in our daily life. There are bad people in the world but there are a lot of good people as well. Movies depict the real life in a short time focusing a certain aspect of life. Human-Animal interaction is not so common and this movie is based on such rare occasion. The father of the main character in the movie is a zoo owner and due to financial issues, they had to move and leave the place taking animals with them. They load a cargo ship to move but in the sea, they face a storm and the ship wrecks. The only survivors are a boy, a Bengal tiger, a zebra, an orangutan and a hyena in a lifeboat. There are certain problems and after some adventurous and courageous steps taken by the boy, he and the tiger survive the sea to find the land.

The above described list of movies is a personal recommendation and are in no way meant for the publicity of movies. You should really watch all of them and have a good time.

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