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Lionel Messi casually nutmegs a reporter from 50-yard in training

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Practise makes a man perfect. This is an old proverb which is most used to help people do hard work. Lionel Messi surely has the right skills which made him earn millions of fans all around the globe. He recently showed off his accuracy when he nutmegged a reporter across a football pitch at a distance of 50 yards. The video of it emerged on the internet and almost every football lover is going in the awe.

The footballer who is termed as one of the world’s best players appeared in the Adidas’ advert. The advert titles, “Here To Create.” They have used a good video for the advert to make everyone feel the awe and perfection of Lionel Messi.

The ad starts with the Messi holding a football during training. At first Lionel Messi kicks the ball in the air,  but the second time he nutmegs the football right through the reporter who was standing at 50 yards distance. Amazing!

Lionel Messi walked away after striking the football without paying any attention. He walked away in the video as if he knew that the football was meant to nutmeg the standing reporter. Felt like it was nothing new for the footballer.

Many viewers are just blown away by the video. They felt the magic of his strike. MoayadAbuAwad wrote that Lionel Messi is the best football player in history and the best football player in the world. The video has been liked more than thousand of times. It has been shared on Twitter many times.

A few viewers suggested that the video was fake. They opined that Adidas wanted a perfect shot so they edited the entire video to glorify Messi. However, if we look on the football career of Messi then he is not a stranger to such nutmegs.

During the gameplay, he can be seen casually nutmegging the football. There are many videos on the internet which revealed a similar skill by Messi.

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