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Lindsay Lohan breaks up with her BF, ready to mingle with Liam Hemsworth?

Lindsay Lohan is probably the most eligible bachelor in the town. She is not in any relationship as the actress has revealed that she has recently broken up with her boyfriend. The actress was previously rumoured to be with Saudi Arabia, defecto ruler, Muhammad bin Salman. The prince is reportedly worth $1 billion, pretty rich.

Lindsay Lohan revealed the news of her breakup during an Australian show which aired on Friday, 20th of September. She said that she just broke up with her boyfriend. Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O interviewed her regarding her relationship status.

I actually was seeing someone and we broke up today, You wouldn’t even know who he was. But I had a bit of a day.

LiLo took an appearance of a shy lady when the hosts asked her if she was going to become a princess or if she was dating a prince, to which she replied, “well, clearly he wasn’t — because I let him go first.”

Lindsay shared a picture of her freckles while promoting body positivity on Instagram. The actress is 33 years old

Media sources had previously reported that the actress was having a good time with a man of her dreams, whose identity was not shared. She was flying around in private jets and received different lavish gifts. Prior to being linked with MBS, Lindsay was married to a real estate Russian mogul Egor Tarabasov. When the coupe split up, LiLo said that her husband was abusive.

Some time ago, when Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ controversy started to circulate on the media. LiLo was busy flirting up with the case. LiLo commented on a picture of Liam Hemsworth and his brother Chris Hemsworth as the two vacationed on Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island. She wrote, “Why didn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?” The two brothers were enjoying a vacation after Liam broke up with Miley.

After six years Lindsay Lohan would be appearing in a movie, Among the Shadows, the trailer of the movie has been released so far

The hosts of the show asked Lindsay questions about Liam, describing him as a good boy. Lindsay retorted in a light mode, “you always do this, don’t you?” – later she revealed her breakup story.

Lindsay did have a good laugh on the comment which she left on Liam’s vacation picture. Since the actress is single and the media blogs like Hollywood Life have become pretty much vocal regarding her relationship prospects with Liam; therefore, it’s safe to assume, after keeping in view her light mood comments on Liams pictures, that she might be the next candidate; meanwhile Liam is pretty heartbroken, not ready to take anyone as his girlfriend.

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