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Lifetime US-entry-ban for woman after agent finds old email to doctor about drug usage on her mobile

Written by Wamiq Ali

A mobile phone can sometimes serve a reason for border crossing issues. A woman got banned for a lifetime from entering US because of exchanging drug usage emails with her doctor on the smartphone. The border patrol agent searched her smartphone without any warrant and found a drug usage old email which she had sent to her doctor. They immediately stopped her from crossing the US border and banned her as a result.

The woman had survived a fentanyl overdose a year ago which took mistakenly thinking it cocaine. Chelsea, 28-year-old, was asked a series of question to confirm her identity and drug-free present. Her last name is not being revealed to not cause any problem for her future employment opportunities. While she was crossing Washington-British Columbia border her phone was taken which was then searched. Chelsea’s smartphone wasn’t password protected.

She said that her phone was searched for about 2 hours. During question before her phone was searched, she already had admitted drugs usage.

It’s worth knowing that at US border searching electronic stuff is allowed. One can search your smartphone and laptop without getting any sort of search warrant.

It was super violating—I couldn’t believe they went into my sent emails folder and found something from a year ago that was addressed to my doctor, said Chelsea as reported by VICE

In summer 2016, Chelsea had accidentally overdosed on fentanyl. She was in a club when a woman handed her small amount of drug which she thought was cocaine but instead, it was fentanyl. She was immediately brought to the hospital after she lost her consciousness. The only thing she remembers about that incident is taking in the drug and waking up in the hospital bed.

She later sent an email to the doctor informing him about her condition and the drug abuse she endured. The border agent had opened up that sent email due to which she got banned from entering the US. Chelsea afraid of drugs consumption in parties totally gave them up and swore to not take any again because she was just saved from being dead.

The border agents also started to ask questions about her broken relationship. She said that she felt empty inside when she answered them about her past cold & broken relationship.

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