Liam Hemsworth tears up as wife Miley Cyrus takes up his surname

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Marriage is an important decision and a lot of people take this turn in life after giving it a considerable thought, they prefer to give themselves some time before deciding to spend their life with someone, therefore many people prefer to befriend their significant other before proposing her for a marriage. Liam Hemsworth had married Miley Cyrus and recently he became all emotional after finding out that his wife was going to take his name. He was filled with joy and mix emotions. Miley Cyrus told him that she wanted to take his surname when they married. Just in case those who don’t know about the married life of the couple it’s worth writing that the couple got married last Christmas in their Tennessee home. This was a pleasant moment for the couple as they had dreamed about this since long. They had married secretly in last December and their fans were secretly and quietly looking forward towards such a decision.

The 29yo actor got teary when he revealed Miley Cyrus taking up his name

Liam Hemsworth got teary as he revealed that Miley Cyrus would soon be called as Miley Hemsworth. The actor claimed that he never asked Miley to do something like this, however, he was surprised when she revealed her decision of getting her name changed. It was quite a welcome surprise for the actor.

She’ll still be obviously known as Miley Cyrus but she took my name which is great. That was honestly one of the best things about it. I didn’t ask her to take my name but she was like, “no, of course I’m taking your name.” (said Liam Hemsworth while jokingly tearing up because of the happiness.)

The video in which he expressed his feelings can be seen on YouTube. He further claimed that calling Miley his wife felt quite strange in the beginning. However, now he saved his number on his phone as wife. He added that the initial few weeks spent with Miley were full of fun and cheer. Liam later opened up regarding his choice to keep the wedding ceremony plain and private. The wedding had happened on December 23, 2018, at their $8.2 million Tennessee mansion. Miley was wearing a $8600 Vivienne Westwood ivory wedding dress whereas her Australian hunk was wearing a suit and tie, both of them looked dapper. The couple had met ten years prior to their wedding and since the first meeting their love for each other grew with time. Eventually they fell so much in love that they decided to marry. 

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