Learning positivity from the controversial Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known to be quite a controversial celebrity. The main reason, of people disliking her, is her leaked tape. She gained famed through a shortcut entry. It’s not clear if that leak was intentional or some hater was involved in the endeavour. That is a talk of another day, this opinion is based on positive outcomes which can be driven from the personality of Kim Kardashian.

Recently, Kim came out as a saviour for the prisoned class of the USA. It all started in 2018, when a woman was freed by the help of Kim Kardashian, the woman had been in prison for the past 21 years. Until now, Kim has freed 17 prisoners. CNN reported the success of Kim in a huge headline. The celebrity has faced a lot of criticism for following this profession of law. She has enrolled herself as an apprentice in this quest of becoming a lawyer. 

Why Kim Kardashian wants to become a lawyer?

The question is clear with an ambiguous answer. Maybe she wants to help the humanity by helping those who are stuck in prisons. She has firm resolve to take bar exam of 2022. It means that she is quite determined to become a lawyer.

According to Kim, she is pursuing law because she wants to return something to the world. She feels like using her fame and platform of success to do better for the less privileged. Paris Hilton praised her friend, Kim, and told she’d be a good lawyer.

Then, what is making Kim pursue the law degree? Kim is famous and her husband has a lot of potential to help her spend a successful life, free of monetary depressions. Maybe, Kim wants to change her image, but there is nothing bad in it, therefore, a stern resolve is something which can be learned from Kim Kardashian. She has always stood up for herself and she tried to look at a bigger perspective. Now, this doesn’t mean that she has everything perfect in her personality, it merely means that one can learn something positive from her personality.

The first step towards goal and later a step by step progress towards it, is the main thing. This can be learned from the snap stories of Kim Kardashian. If someone is following the celebrity on the Instagram then he must be knowing that recently she apologised for posting less because of her law assignments.

Is there anything good other than philanthropy in Kim’s personality?

Kim can become a good lawyer because of her following skills. EA Online has catered some good parts of her personality.

  • She has appeared in reality TV shows and she has good communication skills.
  • In interviews, she showed good judgement of her experience of any event which she attended in past. It shows that she is mentally aware woman.
  • She is bold, she knows her potential. It makes her jump into any kind of challenge in life. However with boldness might have arrived some other negative points in her personality, but that we are not considering. Kim’s latest resolve to become lawyer is one of her fortunes of being a bold person.

What should we focus in her personality?

I mean, all the good points which are in her personality are making her succeed in life. These points are helping her achieve satisfaction, and one thing which she missed in her life was ‘doing good for others.’ Right now, she is going to achieve that satisfaction too, by working hard to become a lawyer. The habit if boldness, firm resolve and working out towards a goal in steps can be learned from the ventures of Kim Kardashian.

What is stopping you from learning her good points?

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