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Learn how to combine videos with Movavi Video Editor, Easy and Flexible!

It may seem relatively basic, but combining videos is quite literally the cornerstone of video production. If you’re able to record short video clips and combine them together in a particular order, you could create all sorts of video content, or even movies of your own.

While there are several ways that you can combine videos, if you want a flexible way that gives you options you should try using Movavi Video Editor. Although at first you may shy away from the idea of using a full-fledged video editor to combine videos, the fact of the matter is that it will give you access to the tools you need.

More importantly, it really isn’t that difficult to learn how to combine videos using Movavi Video Editor. If you have a few minutes free you can do so right now, and just launch the software and click ‘Create project in full feature mode’ to start.

(Watch: A video guide along with proper screenshots of the process of combining videos using Movavi)

Needless to say, the first thing you will have to do is add the videos that you want to combine to Movavi Video Editor, which can be done by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button then selecting the videos. The videos will then appear in the ‘Timeline’ in the order they were selected, but you can change that by dragging them around till they are in the correct sequence.

Technically if you want you could click ‘Export’ right there and then to save your video and you’d have successfully combined it using Movavi Video Editor. However instead of doing that right away you should be aware that there are many ways that you could improve your video further.

In particular Movavi Video Editor will let you split the videos that you added into smaller segments, so that you can isolate specific parts and rearrange them or remove them completely. Additionally you can enhance the quality of your video, add animated transitions between segments, crop or rotate the frame, and much more.

If you want to dig deeper you can even look at applying filters, special effects, adding captions, and so on. All in all it is safe to say that all the tools you need to create professional-looking videos are right there, it’s just a question of whether or not you need them.

As you can see combining videos with Movavi Video Editor is easy, straightforward, and can be done really quickly. The fact that it has so many other features is something that you should take advantage of, and at the end of the day it is always better to have those options available and not need them than it is to need them and not have them.

Final Review: Movavi video editor is a product which a person belonging to any age group can use without any problem. The easy interface and one-click operation make the whole ordeal quite easy for video makers to join, apply the effects and clip their productions.

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