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Latina by heart, American First: Meet 26yo Republican candidate to earn youngest-women-to-congress title

Republican candidate Catalina Lauf has successfully obtained the central attention of the American media after her nomination to run in the 2020 election. She aims to de-seat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the youngest woman get selected in Congress. Lauf is young and energetic and it is a reason behind her getting extra media attention. The enthusiastic aspirant dubs herself as, “Latina by heart, American First”.

Lauf was born and raised in Woodstock, Illinois. Mother and grandmother of Lauf are legal immigrants from Guatemala, and her father is a small scale business owner. She graduated from McHenry County College with an associate degree when she was merely 17yo. Later after completing her studies she started to work in Uber company. After it, she got appointed by President Trump as an advisor to U.S. Department of Commerce.

Catalina Lauf sitting on the right side of bench while showing off her campaign meaning

Lauf is running in Illinois 14th Congressional District, a place currently represented by Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood. Lauf during an interview criticised Underwood for leaving remarks against Federal policies of immigration, as she said that Democrats often demonised the federal law enforcement. Other than Underwood’s dislike for immigration policies, there is a growing inclination in the Rep. to impeach Trump.

What is Lauf running for?

Lauf calls herself a product of American dream and according to her, she is making sure to defend the dream for better. In a Twitter update she just shared her message for her followers to decimate it further. She stands for dreams, something deeply rooted in the formation of United States of America. Definitely, the earlier population growth in Newfoundland were because of growing dreamers.

In her campaign message, Lauf critically examined the angry voices and hate speeches which according to her attempt to divide America. She criticised socialism as a way to demolish dreams. It appears that she is going to support entrepreneurship and small business, because she believes in open competition and a place for dreams.

Lauf in a happy mood outside a sunflower field as she poses for a selfie

As reported by conservativereview, Catalina Lauf has asserted the notion of promoting the small businesses. She said that since her district has quite a lot of small business owners; therefore, she’d prefer to create her policy for their benefit.

I’m a very big proponent of entrepreneurship and small business and that’s a big platform of mine. My district has a lot of small business owners and we need to ensure we’re creating an environment that really fosters that growth.

Lauf has at times shown her support for Trump. At times she has reiterated that Trump’s policies to plug the holes in the immigration protocols are pretty good. She criticised the Green New Deal as she believes that the deal is pretty harmful for the Americans.

How is she going to win?

Lauf believes that young voters are going to support her in the run. She thinks that Republicans should harness the true potential of young supporters and voters. She believes to engage minorities in her run. According to her version of statistics, she has narrated that by 2044, minorities would start to play a huge role in politics owing to their growing numbers. In an interview given to Daily Wire, she said that everyone should start to unite minorities for maximum unity gains and for spreading out the freedom message.

No matter where you come from, no matter what color your skin is, as citizens of the United States, we are all Americans first.

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