Last ship to bring slaves in America discovered in Alabama

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History is a lesson for the wise people. A lot of things can be learned from the history. The basic principles and understanding of the world can be well interpreted from the mistakes of the past people. Let’s not take this notion a step further and get to the original talk of the day. In Alabama, the last known ship which was used to smuggle slaves in America has been discovered. The ship shows a dark moment from the past.

The ship was deliberately sunk around 160 years ago. It has been discovered in Alabama’s Mobile River. The discovery has been made by the Alabama Historical Commission. According to the Reuters, the commission went ahed with scientific ways to find the ship. In a Facebook post, the commission declared that finding the ship was a result of a year long scientific effort.

The ship known as Clotilda was discovered by a company called Search Inc. The remaining efforts were carried out by the research commission. According to the historians, Clotilda is the last known ship which was used to smuggle slaves in the USA. The ship was operated secretly as Congress at that time in 1807 had banned the importation of the slaves. Therefore, smuggling had to be carried out by some ship, Clotilda was that ship.

The ship which smuggled hundreds

According to Sylviane Anne Diouf, as he mentioned it in his book Dreams of Africa in Alabama, Clotilda carried 110 men, women and children from Africa to Alabama in 1860. The history tells that Clotilda had been sunk deliberately to hide any evidence of its usage in slave trade.

President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation which declared an end to the slave trade. However, discovery of the ship opens a new chapter for the researchers, it sheds light onto the dark part of the American history.

Cudjo Lewis was a surviver of this ship. He lived till 1935 and currently, there is no surviver alive.  A recent development named Sally Smith as the last known survivor of the ship, as researched and revealed by Hannah Durkin of Newscastle University. She reportedly died in 1937.

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