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Las Vegas Shooter’s brother gets arrested & the charges against him are lasciviously creepy

Written by Wamiq Ali

While the investigators came to know about the search history of Stephen Paddock, the guy behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas, they came across the laptop data of his brother and you will be surprised to know that it is quite creepy in nature.

The Las Vegas Shooter was searching on the Google about the details of criminal investigation teams approaching a crime scene of the mass shooting. His brother, on the other hand, had totally varied interests. The brother of Stephen Paddock named Bruce Paddock was caught in Valley village this Wednesday and has been charged with the possession of por*ography and video content of the molestation of children.

The law enforcement Agencies were reported about Bruce having creepy content on his laptop. So acting on the tip the investigation department got a search warrant and they were surprised to know that the information was correct. The sources say that the investigation against Bruce started months before the Las Vegas incident.

Cops say that the found morally affected images of children on his laptop. They had been searching for him for months but they couldn’t locate the guy. But after the mass shooting incident in Las Vegas, hey finally tracked his brother who happened to be living on an assisted living facility. Dearest was made by a joint task force that included FBI and LAPD.

TMZ has updated the status on his brother:

“11:10 AM PT We just obtained the complaint, which lists 20 criminal counts, including one for possession of more than 600 images of children in p*rn, which includes 10 or more of a prepubescent minor. Most of the counts involve se*ual exploitation of a child.”

“10:56 AM PT — We’ve obtained Paddock’s booking photo.”

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