Landmark UN plastic waste pact to save climate gets approved but not by US

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Donald Trump has always promoted America First policy. He had promised to make America great again during his election campaign; therefore, his executive actions mostly revolve around the same mantra. Trump has steered America out of various international agreements to renegotiate those agreements at some later stage with better conditions.

Recently, major world countries decided to reduce plastic waste pollution under the auspice of the UN. Therefore, the interested countries agreed upon a framework to reduce the plastic waste except for the United States – as it didn’t decide to enter the agreement. The agreement is reached to track thousands of types of plastic wastes, and it was made previous Friday. UN appeared to be interested in brokering the deal because the world is already facing an increasing number of plastic wastes dumping incidents.

The dumped plastic waste quickly finds its way into the rivers and oceans. Therefore, it affects marine and aquatic life. Several aquatic animals lost their lives because they choked onto the plastic waste.

Rolph Payet from the UN Environment Programme said that 186 countries had agreed to monitor and track the movements of plastic waste outside their borders. Plastic products are used at a large scale in manufacturing industries, health care, fashion, food and beverages. The water bottle dilemma has affected the environment to a great extent as these bottles are merely used once for most of the times.

The agreement sent a strong signal to the rest of the world, including the corporate sector, that we as humans need to do something to save the planet earth. Startups have emerged which try to create bio-degradable plastic products. Plastic once dumped takes a remarkably long time before it starts to degrade. This new plastic deal would also affect the US when it ships plastic waste to countries that are included in the agreement.

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