Lamborghini driver smashes car into wall while showing off to the crowd

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Driving is like an art and most people don’t learn it like a sophisticated thing. Taking the turn at right angles and watching the mirrors to have a look at the ongoing traffic are all important things which must be carried out with care. Hence, it’s more like an artistic job, every step should be taken in tandem with the other steps. A good driver watches the mirrors and then turns around the steering of the car. Indicators are also an important thing, without the right kind of indicators in place the other people don’t know where the driver is intended to take turn.

However, just look at the owner of this £215,000 Lamborghini. He was too happy to show off his car to the passersby and in that attempt he smashed his car into the wall. The driver was all confident but he lost control of the car and smashed it into the wall. The crowd was admiring the new Lamborghini as everyone seemed happy. Almost everyone must have come across some drivers who rev up their engine to show off to the public. Often drivers having racy cars want that the general public should give them the most attention and in that attempt they try to perform strange things.

Lamborghini Huracán might have thought that there shouldn’t have anyone watching the car while he crashed

This owner of the Lamborghini got involved in such a bizarre crash that he might have wished that no one would have been watching him driving the car. He had taken his expensive car to the HR Owen Supercar event which took place this weekend. It was organised in London.

The driver put the car on road and everything was nice until he decided to race the car a little. He pressed the acceleration and the car like every Lamborghini took off. All of a sudden, he lost control of the car and the end of this particular mistake can be seen in the video above. 

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