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Lady hits a car & keeps driving with her airbags blown out only to hit another GMC vehicle mins later

Written by Wamiq Ali

A lady got filmed in a hit and run case. She had already hit a car from behind but she kept on driving with her airbags blown out. Minutes later she hit another GMC vehicle from the side and smashed her head into the steering. The lady absolutely had no idea what was going on around, looked like she was high.

This happened in Pleasant Hill, CA. Another driver filmed the woman who had already hit a car from the back. The bumper of the hit car can be seen in the video dragging on the road. The lady was apparently escaping the vehicle after hitting it. The driver who filmed the accident saw the woman driving with open air bags.

Woman driving the vehicle with air bags blown out

The driver kept on following the woman, this car had its back bumper being dragged on the road. This driver was apparently trying to catch the woman as she had hit his car from the back. The impact was quite strong as can be seen from the front hood of the woman’s car in the above picture.

Bumper is torn apart

The woman and this guy stopped at the green light and both had no idea what to do since both of them can be seen stopping on a green light. The video maker is kind of confused now. The video recorder asked the guy if she had hit his vehicle from behind to which he responded in a positive. The video recorder then told him about the damage caused to his vehicle.

Moments later the woman started to drive the car again. Sometimes after the woman hit another vehicle on the red light.

They called the police and the woman didn’t look like in senses as she wasn’t giving any proper responses to the questions.

Do watch the video below, the license credits go to viralhog so we can only embed.

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