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Lady hits and bites her dog in subway & someone confronts her for animal cruelty

Written by Wamiq Ali

A lady hits and tries to straighten her dog by force in subway and riding passengers didn’t like her act. Someone confronts her during the ride accusing her of animal cruelty.

The lady grabs the dog by the ear and tells it to stop bothering. She keeps on reminding the dog to stop what so ever it is doing in the video. She bites the dog ear and tries to calm it down. It isn’t clear in the video if she bites its ear out of pure love or just to force it stop monkeying around.

After some time she slaps the dog on the head while she keeps her expressions mildly at anger. The dog is packed inside a bad as the new subway rules state. Every passing minute she starts to get furious and mad at the dog. She tries to force it more with each passing minute in the video.

The dog tries to jump out of her lap. It becomes clear at 1:01 minute in the video that the dog is quite uneasy with the woman.

dog jumps out of woman lap

Dog Jumping out of the Woman Lap

The dog tries to run away from the woman and she grabs her by the strap and picks it up to place it back into her lap.

Some guy was looking at the woman doing all these activities. He stood up and started confronting the lady. He told her that she gotta stop doing all that stuff to the dog. The lady acts weird and asked the guy, “What the eff are you talking about?”

The passengers started to look at both the woman and guy sharing a dark conversation. The dog this time again starts walking here and there on the train. You can watch the rest of public freak out in the video embedded below!

The man walked to the driver room and stopped the whole TTC. The woman was taken off the TTC.

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