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Kylie Jenner proves her fame after Facebook rises $13 Billion in value

There might not be many fans of Kylie Jenner or she might not be quite popular. However, this one news update is going to reconstruct the perspective of people who dislike her, to something more positive. She has reportedly become a cause of increasing the value of Facebook as a company. There is some background to this story and a link which corroborates this as a reality.

Kylie Jenner has a good amount of following on the social media. Many people just don’t like her because of the fact that she changed her appearance just to suit her followers and recent trends. These people feel like Kylie being young and energetic can be a negative source of influence for their kids. However, the reality is different. No matter how harsh people may become in case of Kylie, she still has some following.

Kylie targets the Snapchat update

Snapchat is a social media platform where people can chat with each other using pictures. Kylie Jenner was also present on Snapchat. However, after a recent update many people started to dislike Snapchat for it focused more on promoting influencers at the cost of user experience. The influencers didn’t like that they were being separated from the friend’s feed in Snapchat.

Kylie Jenner made the following tweet post-snapchat-debacle:

How one tweet of Kylie against Snapchat increased the value of Facebook

Now Kylie has definitely made a tweet against Snapchat. Reportedly after the Kylie’s tweet worth of Snapchat dropped by $1.3 billion. Now Facebook had earlier tried to acquire Snapchat by paying some money to its founders. The Snapchat team refused to get their application sold. Thus, Facebook started to implement the features of Snapchat into their messenger and instagram.

After the Kylie’s tweet as she talked against Snapchat. This kind of generated a positive impact of Facebook on the Kylie fans. Those positive emotions caused the stock value of Facebook to rise. Well technically business also work on the general sentiments of the public regarding the product. Witty businessmen know this for a fact thus they always try to maintain some positive image.

Facebook must be happy, as TMZ reported its stock value rising.

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