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Kit Harington favoured to become the next Batman, after Ben Affleck

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Batman series is most probably on the favourite list of the most readers of this website. The movie earned an incredible business, however the recent parts didn’t wage well. The story line as every one knows features a hero who is fighting against the evil in the society. Recently, Ben Affleck had stepped down from the role of Batman. His past movies had not performed well in the Batman series and this made the directors and producers re-think about the new strategy. He had made a total of three appearances. Someone has to step up and fill the role for playing the Batman in the movie.

The DC has two movies in the pipeline which are scheduled to be released in year 2019. Shazam! and Joker, and it appears that Ben Affleck has no footage in these movies. Surprisingly enough he wouldn’t be a part of the Joker series. Now, let’s support our claims from a list released by MyBookie.

The list shows the odds on who is going to be the next Batman. This list gives +500 odd points to Ben Affleck, after keeping in view the above discussion it would be safe to assume that he would be safe to be ignored.

The next most probable choice is Kit Harington playing Batman role

The Games of Throne star is the next favourite for playing the role. Well, imagine the transformation from Jon Snow to Bruce Wayne. He has been playing an important role in Games of Throne, and it appears that he would be a good choice for playing the dark knight. The schedule of Games of Throne screening would be soon made public.

Unfortunately, the people of Kit Harington have not heard anything so far regarding him playing the role of Batman. So apparently, the favouritism is only going to suggest the directors and producers to think of a chance for casting him for the role of Batman.

Who wouldn’t be playing the lead role in Batman?

As the list goes at MyBookie, Will Smith has also got some odds, however it’s worth nothing that he played the role of Deadshot in Suicide Squad. Therefore, it appears kind of hard choice for DC to make him re-appear too soon, especially after he played the role with so close connections to the Bat.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba and Jake Gyllenhall can also be removed from the list. Morgan has attempted hard for the role but there is no upcoming movie which can adjust his character inside. Further, Elba like Morgan is going to be beyond the age limits. Gyllenhall is going to play Mysterio on Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So, Who might be getting the role of Batman?

There are two choices which appear to be suitable for the role, this has been endorsed by sportsbettingdime.com and these names are Riz Ahmed and Armie Hammer. Hammer appears to be fit for the role because of his physique and body features. Ahmed would be a multicultural spin for the Batman role.

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