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Kim Kardashian won’t rule out running for President in her latest interview

Years before no one has an idea that a businessman like Trump could run for the presidential election of United States of America. Months before the master elections, people were watching for Hillary Clinton to be the next President of America. However Donald Trump showed that he could not only fight for the presidential seat but also win it in reality.

After Trump the people from different backgrounds have earned some hope that they might run for the president. Recently Kim Kardashian went to the White House in order to talk pardon with Trump. She met Donald Trump and her agenda was to talk about the women who served life sentence for drug related offences.

According to the CNN it was unclear that if kim had a meeting with Trump or Jared Kushner. However when the news broke out by Mr Trump himself, he posted a Twitter picture of Kim Kardashian in the White House standing with him in honour.

Reportedly the original meeting was scheduled with Jared Kushner who is the Trump’s son in law, as he is given the responsibility to overhaul the nation’s prison system. Later after the meeting Kim Kardashian wrote on her Twitter feed, “Happy Birthday Alice Marie Johnson. Today is for you,” as Kim had freed the prisoner with Trump’s executive order.

Interviews Started Happening for Kim:

After the meeting had happened obviously Kim Kardashian started to get interview calls from the renowned TV channels to explain the entire story of the meeting. The reality TV star had assisted in the freedom of a non violence drug offender which is quite a commendable act. Now comes the hot question that whether Kim is interested to run for White House someday?

The same question was asked by the host of the Van Jones show at CNN, the reality star expressed some resistance and she was lost after this particular question. At first she expressed that it was kind of hard for her to think about something – like running for the president. However when she thought that even Mr Trump had won the unpredictable election – so she said “Never say Never.

Never Say Never statement shows Kim Kardashian has not closed the doors of an idea which my lead her to run for the president. With Trump as president, she and Kanye West have come to believe that any person with loyality to the America can run for the president and can actually win in the end.

Mr Trump has definitely made the world show a new kind of deterrence. Recently Trump has blatantly repealed all the unequal treaties with other countries of the world. The repealment of joint comprehensive plan of action which is commonly known as Iran Nuclear deal and the imposement of protectionist tariff on both China and European Union along with the Canada shows that Trump follows “America first” policy.

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