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Kim Kardashian throws her weight behind climate activist Thunberg

Kim Kardashian rises to be an activists. She recently attempted to get through the reforms of prisoners in the USA. In that regards, she also had a meeting with Trump. The meeting circulated around the internet for quite a lot of days. One of her greats works includes campaigning to get 17 prisoners free. It’s pretty logical for the model turned reality tv star to throw her weight behind Thunberg.

Swedish teenage climate activist gained her part of fame after she stood up for the climate. She spoke on the UN sidelines and made sure that world leaders hear her talk out concerns about climate change. Kim Kardashian praised Thunberg for being vocal about climate change.

Thunberg had told the world leaders that they have stolen her childhood with empty words.

Kim Kardashian speaks about Thunberg in an interview, she praises the teenager

Kim Kardashian was pretty vocal about the courage of Thunberg. She said that teen is welcomed on a dinner. Kardashian admired Thunberg’s step to teach the grown ups about climate change.

She (Thunberg) is such an amazing young girl, and so brave and courageous to stand up to these grown-ups that can be very scary and for her to be so open and honest is exactly what we need.

Kim said that the only thing which world needs is loyal and true people like Thunberg. During her interview, she accepted climate change as something real. Reuters interviewed Kardashian and took her views on climate change as she was attendingĀ World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Kardashian made another revelation regarding her willingness to talk to the Thunberg’s parents. Kim also defended the famous royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan. Both of them were criticised for using private jets.

Kim Kardashian sake hand with Trump during a reform event at White House

Kim shared a positive point about the royal couple. She said that both of them bring the world’s attention to the things which matter. Therefore, they are playing their role.

She also spoke about investing in Armenia, an ex-Soviet country. She said that her parents left Armenia for USA; therefore, she plans to invest in the country to generate some economic activity.

I’m excited as tonight I have a meeting and I’m gonna talk about future investments and opening up a factory here and how to really bring this (business) to Armenia.

Probably Kim is getting her business of beauty products and related stuff to Armenia.

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