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Kim Kardashian studies for bar exam while babe is sleeping, works hard

Kim Kardashian is determined to become a lawyer, and later she wants to use her knowledge of the law to free the American prisoners. It’s a noble cause as it would enable Kim to become a good person. Recently, she welcomed her fourth child via gestational carrier last week. The labour of welcoming a baby to this world was not enough to deter Kim from studying for her bar exams. She studied books on Wednesday to pass her exams. She shared this update on her Instagram.

In the story, one of her attorneys wore a custom-made sweatshirt decorated with the words ‘Kim is my lawyer.’ The amusing video was watched by almost every fan of Kim Kardashian, who has followed her on Instagram. In the video story, Kim giggled to announce her attorney had worn a shirt with a praising slogan. In addition to it, Kim whispered not to wake up her bundle of joy. The couple has not yet decided the name of the baby.

Paris Hilton, a family friend, believes that Kim Kardashian would become a fantastic lawyer. She based her assumption on the fact that Kim Kardashian always thinks good for others. She praised Kim K. to be a brilliant and organised person. Paris said that Kim Kardashian was brave enough to already help several people serving life sentences for drug offences in getting their sentences commuted.

In an interview given to People Now, she said, “She’s already … not even a lawyer yet, and she’s already helped release people from prison and made a difference to people’s lives, so I think she’s really passionate about it and I really applaud her for doing that. It takes a lot of work, it’s really brave, and I think a lot of people underestimate her.”

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