Kim Kardashian solves the mystery of ‘unusually flat sinks’ in her new house as her fans show concerns

Kim Kardashian has solved a mystery of her unusual flat sinks which made her fans concerned. She had uploaded a video on internet which detailed her new house which her husband had purchased. In the tour of her house, the fans observed some unusual sink design. Instead of the oval design the sinks were of flat appearance. The fans wondered how the water in those sinks floated towards the centre. Therefore, Kim uploaded another video to explain the water dynamics of her special sinks. According to her the design of these sinks was finalised by her won self.

She had given a peek into her mansion as she answered the 73 Questions by Vogue. A question was raised regarding sinks which featured no basins. She created a video to answer this question in order to end the curiosity of her fans. In the video she gave an overview of her patio where in two sofas were placed. In the video she proceeded to explain her strange house-sinks. She told her fans that Kanye West had designed those sinks.

The reality star explained that she wanted the sinks to be installed in the middle of the bathroom rather than getting placed against the wall. She said that eight prototypes were made to reach a perfect model for the sinks. Apparently, the sinks appear to have no basins however on a close examination one can observe minute curves on the lower base associated with the sinks meant for collecting the water.

Kim Kardashian also gave a tour of the strange switches which she got installed in her house for turning the lights on and off. The switches featured a minimal design which enabled the user to control the intensity of the light bulbs. These intensity control of the light was provided by the switches on three levels, namely high, medium and low.

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