Kim Kardashian seen with Kanye West at the $14m Miami Condo, he bought for her

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This couple is making into the headlines because of two things. The first thing is their star status and the second thing is the love which they share. Kim Kardashian had risen to the heights of the fame after a controversial video. This video had went viral and a lot of people think that Kardashian was behind that leak. However, let’s leave this for another day. Kardashian was also hailed as someone who might free the prisoners. Thus, for this reason her inbox was flooded with messages from inmates all around the AmericaThe love of Kanye for Kim can be understood from this one news, a few days back he bought her a really expensive $14m Miami condo. A kind of mansion which someone common can merely expect to buy at some point in his life.

Kim Kardashian was spotted at the condo, being giggly with Kanye

At first the news broke out that Kanye “allegedly” bought a condo for Kim Kardashian for the Christmas event in Miami. However, this news has been confirmed as two were seen happy together in the condo. They were laughing and cuddling each other. The media was quick to respond to their presence as they took photos of these people. The 37yo reality-star was wearing a yellow crop top. She was giggling as she held the hands of Kanye. Kanye, the 41yo rapper looked quite happy.

The couple looked quite happy. According to TMZ Kanye had bought this condo for making Kim Kardashian happy for the event of Christmas. This was served as a gift to his love. It has been found that the couple wants to split spend their time in Miami and their previous home in Los Angeles neighbourhood. Well, they can definitely have these luxuries because they know that they can afford these mansions.

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