Kim Kardashian says three words describe her ‘sweet’ and ‘smart’ as she embarks on a journey to become lawyer

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Kim Kardashian has attempted to remain away from the spotlight. May be she wants people to forget about her past which is about the way through she gained freedom. Despite all her efforts to not become a bone of contention on social media, somehow she is attached with the news worthy content. Kim Kardashian appears to work for changing her public appearance. The woman who once tried to break the internet with her single picture now aims to become a lawyer.

It appears that the model got encourage by her father’s career. She has embarked on a journey to become a criminal justice lawyer. The White House visit of the model must have played some role which inspired her to pursue the path to become a lawyer. She has been enrolled in a four-year apprenticeship program to become a lawyer.

Kim Kardashian gave a detailed visit of her home to Vogue. During the visit, the journalists decided to play a round of quick-fire questions. One has to give answer to such questions in a quick manner without using much brain. Among the many questions which were asked by Kim, one question drew attention of the media. She was asked to describe herself in three words. In the first attempt she said that she hated to describe herself. The journalist said that those were four words, therefore she was asked to give another try. In the next try to answer the question she said that she would called herself sweet and smart. She added that those were three words.

If someone is interested in watching the interview then he can play this video from the 7.20 mark. She later added word kind to her list, which made her description to a length of three words as asked by the journalist.

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