Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t care for her reputation while working with Trump

Kim Kardashian while attempting to do the yeoman’s service believes that she doesn’t care for her reputation. She recently faced a backlash from those who oppose Trump in the upcoming election campaign and find him ultra vires to their ideology. In a recent interview, she said that she was not concerned about her reputation as she decided to work with Trump on the matter of criminal reforms.

Kim Kardashian while giving an interview, which aired on Friday, 13th of September on The View, shared her thoughts because last year she had visited White House and had decided to work on the criminal justice reforms. The reality show star-turned-activist said that she had been doing all the reforms work because of the people, as she always knew that some people would criticise her for her actions; therefore, she didn’t care for the negative feedback. A full video of the interview can be viewed on abc news/the view.

I definitely was aware [of the potential criticism], but for me, any of my issues have always been more about the people and not about the politics.

ABC News’ co-host Meghan McCain asked a question about the bad reputation which she earned while playing the role of an activist, to which she answered that her role was for the people and not for the political gains.

Picture Courtesy: ABC News, she Kim Kardashian talks on ‘The View’

Kardashian said that she was more concerned about the lives of other people as compared to hers when she visited a person [Donald Trump] who had the required weight to implement the reforms. She said that she chose [Alice Marie Johnson] over her reputation.

Johnson was serving a life sentence plus 25-year for a nonviolent drug trafficking case. She wanted to earn some extra cash which made her a perfect victim of the vicious cycle of drug trafficking. Johnson was pretty much sorry for her condition as she knew that her haste was the reason behind her ordeal. Later, Kim Kardashian met the president and had her sentence commuted.

Kardashian said that she really felt that it was an opportunity to stand up and do something for others. The shift was pretty much apparent too, the First Step Act has been passed by the Trump which showed the administration shift into the prison reforms. Johnson remains a convict but she is no longer serving her life sentence.

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