Kim Kardashian responds after internet “Allegedly” finds cocaine on her snapchat story

Written by Wamiq Ali

The Internet releases another instance of hate against the Kim Kardashian. Once something releases on the internet then a lot of people don’t try to check the reality behind the story. People often are of the view of walking inside a herd. Keyboard warriors is a new term which refers to the people who start giving negative comments on something while sitting behind a computer screen.

Kim Kardashian recently released a snap chat story which had something in the background which the internet referred as cocaine. Sometimes it’s a better choice to stay away from the rumour.

Some days ago Kim Kardashian posted a snap chat story. In the background, there was something white like white powder on the table. People at once assumed the substance as coke. They took a screen shot of the snap story and started posting it on the social media. It went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

I think you might have noticed that white stuff on the table. 

In case you are low on bandwidth and also a little sceptical about playing the video then I’ve added a still picture above.

Kim Kardashian wasn’t too quick to respond back to the story but eventually, after the rumour went too wild she had to released a response.

Now you might think that it is the end of the story? Well, no! The Internet never forgets and forgives easily.

A Fan art for Kim K.

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