Kim Kardashian puckers up her son ‘Saint’ as she hits 143M Instagram followers

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Kim Kardashian in a way celebrated her coveted 143M followers on Instagram, a social media platform where one can upload pictures and give update do their followers in a visual way, as she shared a picture of her son Saint while she puckered him up. In an interview during the show Keeping up with Kardashian, Kim had revealed the her son Saint is her favourite child at moment. She lived up to her claim after she uploaded a picture of her son on the Instagram, on Friday. It was apparent that she showered much love for her son.

The post which she made on the Instagram received more than 1M likes in an hour. It would be safe to assume that the post went viral. Those who are wondering what the picture was all about, they should look at it below:

The child of Kim Kardashian is wearing some face paint which shows different colours. It’s apparent that the child has been face painted using fingers. May be Kim Kardashian painted his face before getting the picture taken. Saint is one of the four children of the couple. Kim and Kanye enjoy the company of their children and it’s pretty evident from the photos which they share.

When the year 2019 started, Kim Kardashian had 120M followers on her Instagram account, right now the follower count has been increased to 143M. An increment in the count shows that she is getting popular. One might wonder the name of the celebrity who has the maximum followers on Instagram, well that is Ariana Grande, she has 158M followers and the next one is Selena Gomez with 153M followers.

Kim Kardashian is also looking forward to doing philanthropist work, she is currently enrolled as an apprentice for learning the law. She aims to use her knowledge of law to free up people languishing in jails. 

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