Kim Kardashian inbox flooded with prisoners seeking their freedom

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Kim Kardashian rose to her fame in a controversial manner. A lot of people criticise the path adopted by the model to reach the heights of fame. Thus, she has earned quite a lot of popularity but people still are skeptical about Kim. Recently, TMZ came across a strange piece of information. According to them, prisoners from all around US prisons were writing to Kim Kardashian in order to gain freedom.

Prisoners seek their freedom from Kim Kardashian by writing appeals to her through letters

Many would argue this notion because they aren’t used to associating Kim Kardashian with philanthropist work. However, Kim Kardashian becoming the fairy godmother for the prison inmates can be true as TMZ’s source told them that inmates from all around the country were sending Kim Kardashian an enormous number of letters for getting their freedom. These prisoners are hoping that the legal team of Kim Kardashian might help them get some sort of clemency.

Kim also reportedly earned a new nick name in the prison circles. It was reported that Kim Kardashian was being referred as The Princess of Prison Reform inside the jail circles. For a lot of people this might seem to be a baseless thing.

Prisoners have a right for this hope …. Kim Kardashian had done something similar in past

Not long time ago, Kim Kardashian had visited Donald Trump in the Oval and she along with her efforts of the legal team helped Cyntoia Brown get a clemency in Tennessee after 15 years in prison. For those who didn’t follow this particular information, they should know that Kim was quite instrumental in getting elusive prison reform legislation enacted. She had been in a meeting with Donald Trump.

It was clearly reported by Van Jones of CNN that the law would never have been passed but for Kim K. Further, Kim had also played a key role in freeing 63yo grandma Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles.

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