Kim Kardashian flies workers from Europe to get her floor of $60 million LA mansion fixed

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Kim Kardashian knows the art to stay in the news, she could have just asked anyone in USA to get her floor repaired out of the skilled workers, however, this time she preferred to call workers from Europe for the sophisticate job. According to the Daily Mail, their reporters have learned that while three years back Kanye was asking Zuckerberg for some investment because of $53 million debt, just now the couple have asked skilled workers from Europe to come and repair their house floor.

Forbes has reported that Kim Kardashian, 38yo, had to fly people from Europe to repair the Belgian flooring of her house which is worth $60 million. The couple weren’t afraid when they used their money to renovate their $60 million mansion in Los Angeles, California. Since, the couple had an expansive taste; therefore, it took pretty much to renovate the huge mansion. 

The floors are made of a special Belgian plaster; if scuffed, the delicate material can be repaired only by a crew flown in from Europe.

In a recent Forbes article, the writer mentioned that if the floor of the house of Kim Kardashian gets scuffed then special workers from Europe can fix the floor. Kim Kardashian in none of her interviews jumped to take credit for the house. Infact at numerous occasions she has claimed taht the idea of the house was of Kanye West when the interior and design was in perspective.

The couple after getting their mansion done also allowed the media to show the interior of the house to their followers. The followers were surprised when they saw flat sinks installed in the house. Kim Kardashian had to make a special video to apprise the followers the mechanism of the flat sinks

The house was all him, I’ve never seen anyone that pays such attention to detail.

In the interview to Forbes, Kim said that the house was all Kanye West as he paid much attention to every minute detail.

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