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Kim Kardashian at White House announces to hire ex-inmates, says those people want to work

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Kim Kardashian has appeared to become a altogether different personality. She might have faced adverse circumstances during her career and might have taken decisions averse to her personality but this time she appears to have become a different person. She’s interested in reforms and wants to offer a better life of freedom to the convicts of the USA. In a recent visit to the White House, Kim Kardashian showed a stern resolve to help ex-inmates get employment. She said that they wanted to work and she was ready to provide them help in that regards. She announced a new initiative about helping the ex-inmates get a job.

President Trump had last year ratified the justice reform legislation, and this time the administration is inviting agencies, nonprofits and private sector to provide former inmates a good chance of success at life. Definitely, job security is one of the important factors.

Trump said that Kardashian would soon become a good lawyer. He also called her a good person. Kim in this regards decided to help the administration rehabilitate the ex-inmates. She believes that sending those people back to life was an important step which if not taken carefully would mean their fallback to the bad part of life, once again.

We have a ride-share partnership where formerly incarcerated people will be gifted gift cards so that they can get rides to and from job interviews, to and from jobs, family members, and that is so important, so needed. (said Kim Kardashian)

Besides these efforts, the Bureau of Prisons will be working to connect the prisoners to the employers through a database. The Education Department in this regards is expanding a Pell Grant pilot program to prisoners. In addition to these two departments, the Energy Department is also launching a program which would educate ex-inmates about jobs in energy sector. All these collective efforts would make sure that the prisoners after getting out of the jail, get a good grip of life. A video of her speech can be watched at CNN.

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