Killer Clown Craze is about to return, creepy sightings following the release of ‘IT’ remake

The killer sightings of clown craze are becoming a common trend. The first sighting was recorded on August 19, 2016, in Greenville, South Carolina. Viral Thread reports that a young boy reported to his mom about an incident involving two clowns who tried to lure him into the woods. It seems to be something right out of the movies but that actually happened.

Several reports show that the clowns are lesser of an entertainment and more of scary stuff to the kids. Especially if a clown peaks out of the gutter and stares at me, then obviously I’ll feel terrified. The phobia of the clowns is real and it’s named as coulrophobia. This phobia exists many years even before the movie IT was released or any recording technology was available.

In late 2016, a terrible trend took the entire US and UK, the “Killer Clown” trend. A lot of sightings were reported about some killer clown who took down people. Police warn people that the same trend can happen before the release of the IT movie. Many killer clowns were found terrifying people before this day. Looks like people aren’t threatened of the arrests. So recently, a creepy clown was spotted in Chelmsford, England.

So, anyone who wants to become a clown this Halloween should re-think once again. He can face prison for scaring people and giving air to the clown craze. In 2016, a killer clown was taken to jail for 6 months as he had wielded an axe at the pregnant woman.

In September 2017 a creepy clown was spotted jumping out on the people in Essex park. Last year, Thames Valley Police were called 14 times over different cases of single nature. They were reported about people dresses up as clowns and intimidating people to a great degree.

Clowns stopping cars and terrorising people

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