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These kids sucker punched special needs student, must be brought to justice

Written by Wamiq Ali

We’ve been covering a lot of news for the last one month, we made you see Facebook live of a drug guy showing off his money and then getting busted, we made you see different aspects of society but this video which we are going to share with audience is quite abnormal and after receiving the video link I myself felt so bad. These kids featured in the video are unknown and are a cause of disgrace to the society and are an example of bad parenting.

I think kids repeat what they are taught at home or what their surroundings invited them to do intellectually. These kids beat the shit out of a special student and then started laughing at him without even knowing that what they did was a stupid coward act.

The person who originally shared this video wrote:

Pls help me share this This guy is a friend of mine who happens to be mentally challenged Smfh

This video got viral on social media and within hours got millions of views and thousands of comments and shares. People were giving their own opinions and everyone had a different say in the matter. Some were saying that the man making the video must be punished for he didn’t stop the kids. It can be that the man recording the video wasn’t physically strong to take all the kids by himself. I personally think that actions speak louder than the comments and these kids must be brought to justice so nothing of the sort happens again.

Special Kid Gets Punched

Another Kid laughs after special kid gets punched in face

Watch the horrific video yourself and make sure that you give proper manners to your kids and keep a closer eye on them if they too are involved in some morally degrading activities because it’s us who are responsible for them!

Video Credits: WhatViral

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