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Kids scramble for life as ‘Florida School Gunman’ shoots through Wall & Laptop

Written by Wamiq Ali

The aftermaths of Florida High School mass shooting are going to be strange as the kids may not feel safe in the schools. Some might need a right kind of counselling before they are allowed to attend the same school where they faced a psychopath unleashing gunfires on innocents. The prime suspect in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting mishap has been detained for an ongoing police investigation. The authorities will release more details about the motives of the shooter once ample time is given to them for a physical remand.

Almost 17 victims are reported to be dead in the mass shooting. There were kids who uploaded live snaps from the school when they were cowering behind chairs for their lives. Some of this online material from social media has been recorded. One of this particular material is this footage which is Graphic in nature and viewer discretion is required as it takes you inside the school when a psychopath was roaming around free in an attempt to harm our innocent children.

The gunshots can be heard in the video while kids screaming in the background scrambling over chairs to get a safe spot in the classroom. The mist of dense dust can be seen taking over the camera right from the wall opposite to the kid filming the video. This dust is because of the bullets perforating the wall.

This might not sound welcoming to everyone, so keep your headphones muted if you have a thing for violence. The video is the screen grab of the school student’s Snapchat who was amidst this shooting crisis. Almost everyone condemns the horrific incident, President Trump and the County Sherrif have already condoled the victims. The high command couldn’t believe the ruthless reality when the news of a 19yo guy involved in the mass shooting incident broke out to the common public.

Warning: The video contains graphical sounds thus viewer discretion is advised.

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