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Kid in Spectators Wiped Out by Ball during National Rugby League

Written by Logical Men

National Rugby League is going on and almost every rugby fan is following the matches. The next match is tomorrow (while writing the article) and it’s between the Titans and Warriors. This kid happened to be a fan of rugby matches, thus he decided to join to the game. However, he wasn’t aware that this particular match was going to be much unique for his life.

Rugby is a little different game, the temperament which is needed during other games is totally different as compared to the rugby. A rugby player once addicted to the game can’t switch to any other sports. Many school kids also enjoy playing the game. This kid looks one from the same league.

Unilad came across the video and they shared it on their website. The embed comes directly from Unilad.

The poor lad took the ball right on his face. He must have suffered a mix of feelings. The crowd can be heard shouting in surprise, they were not expecting that the ball would land on the kid so smoothly and accurately. This happened on Saturday night while the match was being played between St George Illawarra Dragons and North Queensland Cowboys.

This game involves some chances of involving the spectators in a similar fashion. The kid could have escaped the ball had he been paying attention to the last move. The chance of ball landing on someone face is quite minimal. However, this kid must have lost the sight of the ball which resulted in such a stupid experience. There were people in the crowd who couldn’t help but laugh.

An audible “ohhh” can be heard rising from the crowd sitting near the kid who received the ball right on his face. This was sheer bad luck on the side of the kid, he must have no idea that something could have happened to his face.

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