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Kid goes insane on teacher for not rounding his grade from 43% to 73%

Written by Wamiq Ali

I have been graduated and even when I was studying engineering courses I didn’t remember asking professors for a good grade. I believed on hard work and advised everyone to do the same, but look at this kid who went insane on a professor for not giving him a good grade.

He threatened the professor physically and tried every method to get his grade improved. I think anyone witnessing the dude in the classroom should have punched him in the face for what he did to the professor. One can’t blame the professor for bad grades because in the end the student’s performance is evaluated not the professor’s and to get good grades one has to do the assigned work.

This professor would have been justified for kicking the student or slapping him on the face because the student deserved such behaviour. He called the professor by names and the poor professor was cool enough to bear his stupid behaviour. He even told the professor to shut his effing mouth. I wondered why the whole class was laughing because this isn’t something worth laughing. The kid was totally misbehaving and this isn’t how one may behave with teachers. He clearly has no respect for the teachers and probably has a habit of blaming others for his mistakes.

Some girl also tweeted his identity and when people started sending him DMs, he deactivated his account.

The account was in protected mode, and later it got deleted. People wanted to beat him down.

Watch the video and think, what caused this guy to act in such a disrespectful manner?

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  • Where have this brat’s parents been all these years? Somehow he has learned that throwing a temper tantrum gets him what he wants. He should have been expelled for his behavior. When I was in school, we certainly would have! THEN we would have had to face our mom and dad!

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