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Kid cashes in on his dying grandfather & makes a fun video

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is kind of awkward, the grandfather of this kid is dying in a hospital and all he could think of doing was to film a video and post it on the Instagram. This is the most superficial thing which I ever heard in a while and is absolute disrespect to the old generation grandpa.

Jona Bridges, you know this guy now after watching his picture in the thumbnail of this article. This kid made a video in front of his dying grandfather. Not to mention that he is a social media celeb.

To reach and lift up as many people as possible and let them know how important they are and that God made them beautiful both inside and out! – something which this kid says out loud everytime!

The kid behind this video!

Anyway, we’ll not indulge in shaming the kid for doing something stupid in order to get some Instagram likes. We’ll move forward to the video and leave the rest of the case to our visitors and fans. We believe our fans decide the right thing.

One of the viewers of the video made quite a sad comment. I think you deserve to read that comment, so lemme just re-quote that for you!

You’ve lived your entire life working hard. Your old, strong but withered hands are beginning to fail you as the arthritus takes hold. Your knees lock up as you walk, your back aches as you slouch forward. You have a bit of trouble breathing and your eyesight has failed you long ago. Laying on your death bed, you ponder your life’s work and the legacy you will leave on this ephemeral plane. The door to your hospital room opens and in walks your daughter and grandson, you smile as your daughter takes your hand and tells you “I love you dad”, her voice cracks as she realizes this might be the last time she speaks to you. Your grandson doesn’t even make eye contact with you, he wanders over to the window to make sure he is in the sunlight and pulls out his newfangled cell phone. He aims it at himself, making sure your frail and dying body is in the background, and begins to sing to himself, ignoring your presence and spotlighting himself. The vapid self importance of your grandson strikes your failing heart to it’s very core. “This is my legacy” you think to yourself. “I have failed” you use your last breath to mutter, watching his flailing dance as your heart stops and you pass into the next world. – Reddit/u/Oh_hamburgers_

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